Our Classes

Aerial Hoop Playtime

Instructor: Eve Carty

In Aerial Hoop Playtime, you will learn beginner skills, poses...

Aerial Yoga Playtime

Instructor: Eve Carty

In Aerial Yoga, you are supported by a soft silky hammock as you practice your poses...

Babe Squad

Instructor: Laura Gordon

Bring a friend, your runners and your water bottle...

Exotic Floorwork

Instructor: Kate

This exotic floorwork class will leave you feeling stronger...

Flexibility-Based Hatha

Instructor: Isabel

This class is the perfect compliment to all dance classes...

Intro to Exotic Pole

Instructor: Laura Gordon

New to pole dance? Want to learn the tantalizing art...

Liquid Motion®

Instructor: Shoshanna

Liquid Motion® is a method and style of movement that...

Mixed Beginner Exotic Pole

Instructor: Laura Gordon

This class is recommended for students that have...

Strength-Based Hatha

Instructor: Isabel

This is a dynamic class designed to build balance...

Contractor Classes

Aerial Yoga

Instructor: Laura Kidson

Barre & Barre-less

Instructor: Katharine Hampson

Noor Dance Co. Belly Dance

Instructor: Negma


Instructor: Veronique Mercier

Pole & Exotic Floorwork

Instructor: Maddy Sephton