Exotic Floorwork

A true artist at heart, Kaitlind (also known as Kosmic Kitty) has had a passion for movement expression for as far back as she can remember. First using it to play, to express and entertain, then to release, heal, evolve and evoke empowerment in others. She believes there is tremendous healing power in attuning the mind and body, breath and energy - to cultivate a renewed sense of self and help boost confidence. Kaitlind has performed on a number of festival stages within Canada, Costa Rica and the United States. Her motive as of late is to further develop her technique and style while also creating roots in her hometown of Victoria again, after three years of pursuing passions, following her heart and expanding her horizons in Vancouver. Enjoy the ride with Kaitlind as she takes you through a learning experience that both challenges and excites you.