Maddy Sephton

Exotic Floorwork & Pole Dance

Before I begun my journey through dance, I was an artist creating custom art for people, as I started to grow in life I took a liking to dance; Given my mom was a fitness instructor, and dancer back in the day- She intrigued me to look into dance further.

I then found pole dance, pole fitness- The art of pole.. That day I knew I had found my new passion and possibly my career. Over the 5 years I developed a sense that pole dance sometimes is looked down on- One of my passions is to educate the uneducated and teach our people and show them what it can truly do for someones self esteem, not only their health and fitness; But could possibly strike a hidden passion in someone we thought wasn’t even there! My ultimate passion and dream is to help ladies come out of their shell, and experience the unknown. I believe dance made me what I am today, I love to paint a picture, not only through paint and canvas’s, but through the free expression of pole dance and exotic floorwork. My classes are a representation of my style and passion for this sport… I hope to take you through a unknown journey of exotic dance and pole- May it familiarize you with your wants and desires as a creative human being wanting to express their emotions in a healthy and free way.